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Seizoen   2018/2019
Datum Dans Artiest Song titel
11-09-'18 When i'm out tonight Dave  Sheriff When i'm out tonight
02-10-'18 Wave on wave Pat Green Wave on wave
16-10-'18 Not your one night stand Thilly Frank Not your one night stand
06-11-'18 Every step in the book (almost) Shauna Mc Stravock Down at the twist and shout
20-11-'18 Out of my hands Reba Mc Entire Wrong Night
04-12-'18 Except monday Lorrie Morgan Except monday
11-12-'19 Jingle my bells The tractors Jingle my bells
15-01-'19 Whiskey Bridges Brooks & Dunn Wiskey under the bridge
29-01-'19 Road house rock Sons of Palamino Road house rock
12-02-'19 Blue wing The tom russell band Bleu wing
26-02'19 Woman Amen Dierks Bentley Woman Amen
26-03-'19 Hey Let's Dance Del Shannon Let's Dance
09-04-'19 George Strait Meghan Patrick George Strait
23-04-'19 Codigo Goerge Strait Codigo
07-05-'19 Chasin' tail lights Matt Mason ''E''( album: Chasing stardust)
21-05-'19 Thank you Gary Perkins Thank you


Seizoen   2017/2018
Datum Dans Artiest Song titel
12-09-'17 Chasing down a good time Randy Houser Chasing down a good time
3-10-'17 Hey Porter Marty Stuart Hey Porter
24-10-'17 Could've been the whiskey Mike Denver Wasn't that a party
07-11-'17 Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin Lonley Drum
28-11-'17 All God's Children Robert Mizzell Travellling Shoes
12-12-'17 Rock in Christmas Robert Wells & Little Mike Watson A Very Merry Rockin
16-07-'18 Down On Your Uppers Derek Ryan Down On Your Uppers
30-01-'18 Break It Back Down Pat Green Break It Back Down
27-02-'18 Dance Her Home Cody Johnson Dance Her Home
13-03-'18 Water off a ducks back Sonny Burgess A little bit of you
03-04-'18 Aces and eights Derek Ryan Full house emty heart
24-04-'18 No more fooling around Robert Mizzell She's my baby
08-05-'18 Double down two step Donny Lee Chip and chair
29-05-'18 Hooked on it Luke Bryan Hooked on it
12-06-'18 Chicken truck Shane Owens Chicken truck




Seizoen   2016/2017
Datum Dans Artiest Song titel
20-09-'16 Cruising Backroads Ricky Van Shelton Backroads
04-10-'16 Old Hippy The Bellamy Brothers Old Hippy
18-10-'16 Bring On The Good Times Gary O'reilly& Maggie Gallagher Bring On The Good Times
15-11-'16 Some Girls Will Mike Denver Some Girls Will
29-11-'16 Chase That Song Cody Jinks Chase That Song
13-12-'16 Happy, Happy, Happy Dean Brody Soggy Bottom Summer
10-01-'17 Gypsy Queen ChrisNorman Gipsy Queen
24-01-'17 Stop Staring At My Eyes By the Bellamy Brothers Boobs
14-02-'17 A Country High Sam Riggs High On A Country Song
14-03-'17 Bare  Essentials Lee Kernaghan Bare Essentials
28-03-'17 Stay All Night Derek Ryan Stay All Night
18-04-'17 Once Bitten Twice Shy Robert Mizzell Gone Gone Gone
02-05-'17 Cowboy For A Night The Australia's Cowboy For A Night
23-05-'17 Thanks A Lot Martina McBride Thanks A Lot
13-06-'17 Hooked On Country Atlanta Pop Hooked On Country




Seizoen   2015/2016
Datum Dans Artiest Song titel
08-09-'15 Golden Wedding Ring Terri Clark & Dierks Bentley Golden Ring
29-09-'15 Like Coca Cola In Hollywood Jim Devine We're Here To Stay
13-10-'15 We Wanna Boogie Andy Lee Lang, Sonny Burgers & D.J. Fontana We Wanna Boogie
27-10-'15 Live Until You Die Dave Sheriff Live Until You Die
17-11-'15 Patsy Fagan Derek Ryan Patsy Fagan
08-12-'15 I'm Coming Home By The Hayley Oliver Band I'm Coming Home
15-12-'15 Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad by Boney M Merry  Christmas
12-01-'16 Long Tall Sally Cagey Strings Long Tall Sally
26-01-'16 The Final Test Feral Kev & General Leeroy Jayne Denham
23-02-'16 Fall In Love Tim Redmond Never Gonna Fall In Love
08-03-'16 Fire & Lace Gary Fjelgaard & Linda Kidder Fire And Lace
29-03-'16 Give My Love To Rose Hallur Joensen Give My Love To Rose
12-04-'16 Big Bleu Tree Michael English Big Bleu Tree
26-04-'16 Get Down The Fiddle Robert Mizzell Louisiana Saturday Night
10-05-'16 Half Past Nothing Jack Savoretti Knock Knock
31-05-'16 Tell The World Eric Huntchinson Tell The World
14-06-'16 Down On The Bayou Robbert Mizzell Down On The Bayou


Seizoen   2014/2015
Datum Dans Artiest Song titel
16-09-'14 Lord Help Me The Bellamy Brothers Lord Help Me Be The King Of Person
30-09'14 Makita Just One Time Jamie O'Neal
21-10-'14 The Boat To Liverpool Nathan Carter On The Boat To Liverpool
4-11-'14 Good Time Girls Nathan Carter Good Time Girls
18-11-'14 Highway Number Nine Yvonne Anderson & Graye Teather Highway number Nine
09-12-'14 Better Times Pat Stott & vikki Morris Better Times
13-01-'15 Country Style Neus Lloveras Untill The Money's gone
27-01-'15 Crocodile Roll Hillbilly Rick & Australia's Tornadoes Crocodile Roll
10-02-'15 Rock'n Roll is King Marie Sorensen Rock'n Roll is King  by E.L.O
03-03-'15 Triple Mix Nathan Carter Country Medley
17-03-'15 High Cotton High Cotton By Alabama
31-03-'15 It's Friday Night Tim Culpepper It's Friday Night
21-04-'15 Hillbilly Girl Lisa McHugh Hillbilly Girl
12-05-'15 Corn Don't Grow Travis Tritt Where Corn Don't Grow
02-06-'15 A Little Bitty Baby Cotton Fields The Highwaym
16-06-'15 Truck A Truck A Girl Who Loves To Trucks The Road Hammers


Seizoen 2013/ 2014
Datum Dans Artiest Song titel


Laisseiz Faire


Laisseiz Faire


Dogs River Bleus

Alan Jackson

Dog River Bleus


Best Part Of The Day
(Is The Night)

The Outlaws

Best Part Of The Day Is The Night


Mama Maria

                        Frank Trace

Mama Maria


Love You A Million Times

Rep Ghazali-Meaney

You're My First Love 'By Eden


High Times

Travis Tritt

High Time For Gettin'Down


Betty Is Bad

Sawyer Brown

Betty's Bein'Bad


Dixie RD

Nathan Carter

Dixie Road


Alabama Boy

Kacey Smith

Alabama Boy




Down at the Twist And Shout


Burning Bleu

The Lennerockers

Old Flame Burning Bleu


Old School Rock & Roll

Buck Norris

Hole In My Pocket


Copperhead Road

Major Dundee Band

Sweet Little Lisa


Baby Kisses

The Jenkins

My baby's kiss


Lennenrockers Stroll

The Lennerrockers

Lennenrockers Stroff


Country Soul Lee Roy Parnell Country Down To My Soul
17-06-'14 Wanna Be There Nathan Carter Let Me Be There



Seizoen   2012/2013
Datum Dans Artiest Song titel


Diamonds Make Babies

Dierks Bentley

Diamonds Make Babies


Homeward Bound

Tol & Tol

Take Me Home


Bandido's Last Ride

Dave Sheriff

Bandido's Last Ride


Whispering Your Name

Chris Isaak

I Forget To Remember To Forget


K D Cha

Jacob Lyda

I'm Doing Alright


Rock-A-Billy Rebel




Shame & Scandal In The Family

Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels

Shame & Scandel



Done Williams

Come Early Morning




Then She Kissed Me



The Mavericks

Back In Your Arms Again


12 Ounce World

Rodney Hayden

12 Ounce World


All Over Again

The Mavericks

All Over Again

Wake Up Little Susie

Brain Mccomas Wake Up Little Susie





Seizoen 2011 / 2012
Datum Dans Artiest Song titel


All You Need

Brad Paisley

All You Really Need Is Love


Something in the Water

Brooke Fraiser

Something in the Water



John Fogerty

Southern Streamline


The Gambler

Kenny Rogers (Remix Robert Wilsdon)

The Gambler


Seein' Double

Ann Tayler

Feelin' Single, Seein' Double


Country Friends Party-Dance

Sandra VanReys

Louisiana South


Gulf of Mexico

Clint Black

The Gulf of Mexico


Baby Ride Easy

Charlene Carter

Baby Ride Easy


White Rose

Toby Keith

White Rose


Together You and Me

Joan Franka

You and Me


Lie, Lie, Lie

Miss Leslie

Lie, Lie, Lie